Volunteer Doctors Gave Health Service To Niger With TİKA's Contribution

In the cooperation of Republic Of Turkey Prime Ministry Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency ​ (TİKA), Health Ministery and BISEG (Voluntary Platform), forty-eight volunteer doctors gave health service  for Nigerians who live in Tesaua and Aque regions lasting for fifteen days.

The doctors did cooperatin and training  with local doctors in the field of urology, eyes diseases, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, pediatric and odontotherapy  and then they returned Turkey finishing their workings in fifteen days.

Health organizations that volunteer doctors participating from the different cities of Turkey  are conducted every year including different countries in Africa. Nigerian doctors also participated in treatment,surgery and health screening together with Turkish counterparts.

Volunteers formed the majority of the doctors go to Africa for the first time helped water well drilling and agriculture activities as well as health service.