Training Suport For Allied And Brother Countries

Training Suport For Allied And Brother Countries

Through a cooperation between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate and the Security General Directorate 218 police were provided training courses in a variety of different countries in the first six months of the year. The police who participated in the courses in countries including Bosnia Herzegovina, Palestine and Tajikistan were provided training in fields such as special maneuvers, passport transactions, riot forces, leadership and administration. 

The “International Police Training Cooperation Project” was started through cooperation between TİKA and the Security General Directorate in 2007 for the purpose of supporting the law enforcement forces in allied brother countries. The training which was started in the pilot countries of Albania and Crimea continues to be conducted successfully in Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia and Tunisia.

While the in-service and applied training is being provided to enable knowledge exchange between the organizations, to develop a common awareness about combating crime and to establish uniform terminology amongst the police organizations, it also aims to inform senior level administrators in the countries with which Turkey has established security cooperation about developments concerning their profession to speed up the transformations in police organizations.

One thousand 417 police have participated in the 68 courses provided in 2012 and in the first six months of 2013 there were 18 participants each in the course from Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina, 12 from Palestine, 27 from Kazakhstan, 14 from Crimea, 28 from Kosovo, 61 from Tajikistan and 40 from Turkmenistan for a total of 218 police who attended the training.

Within the scope of this project training was provided in leadership, administration, task management in community protests and activities, desktop publishing and graphic design, special maneuvers, combating organized crime, intelligence, passport transactions, civil aviation security, criminal procedures and international border threats and special forces throughout the courses of which a certain portion took place in Turkey while others took place abroad.

Within the scope of the International Postgraduate Training Project” realized through cooperation between TİKA and the Security General Directorate Police Academy, a total of 10 students doing their masters and doctorates from Palestine, Macedonia, Sudan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Kosovo are being provided with a scholarship from TİKA.