TİKA Trains Firefighters in Venezuela

Latin American Training Program for Firefighting continues through the collaboration between Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Union of Municipalities of Turkey.

Latin America countries are home to natural wonders and green reserves that are essential to protect for civilization. Latin American states, nations, and firefighters work very hard to protect the nature. In order to aid in this effort, Turkey started Latin American Training Program for Firefighting with the help of TİKA and the Union of Municipalities of Turkey. The activities on this issue are being carried out consistently.

In November, four firefighters from Venezuela Caracas Fire Department attended a 16-day theoretical and applied training at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Training Center, which has been training firefighters from all over the world since 2010. Later, they participated in a 1-day training on stress management, anger management, and communication.

Venezuelan firefighter Yoxer Bello thanked TİKA and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the training and remarked that the program was very beneficial and that they will undoubtedly apply the techniques they have learned in Turkey, in Venezuela.

Participating firefighters thanked TİKA, which offers basic theoretical and applied occupational training, for its support in Venezuela and they expressed that they expect these projects to continue.