TİKA Opens a Library and a Playground at a Girls’ School in Pakistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a library and a playground at Gharibabad Girls’ School in Pakistan.

Implementing important projects in Pakistan, TİKA built a library and a playground at Gharibabad Girls’ School located in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi region, which has a population of 2 million people.

The school that was opened in 1980 was unable to carry out librarianship activities as the number of students was too high and the existing building did not have a dedicated space for a library. Due to the military facility located right next to the school, it was not possible to expand the physical capacity of the school.

To overcome this situation, TİKA expanded the physical capacity of the school by setting up a library in a container within the school’s yard and by building a playground for primary school students. The project also featured the procurement of furniture, library shelves, and air conditioners and created a comfortable environment for students to read.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Headmistress of the School Robina Saaed said that the support provided by TİKA means a lot to their school, and they added a 1-hour daily reading time to the schedule of their students to utilize the library in the best way possible.