TİKA keeps on helping orphans in Afghanistan

The playground in the courtyard of the annex building of Bibi Sumeyye Orphanage in Herat, which was built by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was opened.

TİKA keeps on getting involved in more projects in the regions where they operate. In this context; TİKA, which carries out many important projects in various industries in Herat, opened a playground in the courtyard of the annex building of the Bibi Sumeyye Orphanage.

Giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the project that was carried out by TİKA, Herat Social Affairs Director Abdul Qayum Afghan expressed his gratitude for this beautiful and meaningful service provided by TİKA and shared his satisfaction with the new office of TİKA in Herat.

Herat Social Affairs Director Afghan stated that he is certain that TİKA will keep on with their support and affection towards the orphans in Herat and Western Afghanistan. Ali Ergun Çınar, the TİKA Herat Coordinator, reminded that TİKA’s first activity in Herat was in an orphanage and stated that TİKA shows special care towards orphans not only in Afghanistan, but in the entire world, saying “Our projects and activities involving orphans are always more special than the other ones.”