TİKA Built an Egg Poultry Facility in Palestine

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built an egg poultry facility at Arroub Agricultural Vocational School, which is located in the Palestinian city of Al-Khalil and is the only agricultural school in the region. Furthermore, 2,500 chickens as well as all necessary structures and equipment were supplied to allow the facility to start production.

Arroub Agricultural School operates under Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and teaches around 100 to 120 students with 79 instructors, most of whom are teachers, technical personnel or agricultural engineers, about fruit and vegetable cultivation, aquatic plants, organic farming, cattle and sheep farming, beekeeping, poultry, milk and dairy products. TİKA provided 2,500 chickens and built a modern egg production facility for egg production at Arroub Agricultural School.

In order to help Palestinian students adopt modern production systems and to set the stage to raise experienced and conscious producers for the economy through applied trainings, the project implemented by TİKA aims to be an exemplary model for the producers in the sector in addition to the students of the Agricultural School.

In the opening ceremony attended by TİKA Middle East and Africa Director Keman Özdemir, Deputy Consul General of the Turkish Consulate General in Jerusalem Erman Topçu, Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Education of Palestine Basri Saleh, Governor of Al-Khalil Kamal Humeid as well as many other officials, the advantages that will be provided to education and production in Palestine by the facility, which is built on an area of 150 m2, were stressed.

TİKA Middle East and Africa Director Özdemir cited the examples of 6 Turkish Schools built by TİKA in Palestine, digitalization of education with the tablets handed out in these schools, and the Turkish lessons given by Turkish teachers; and he explained that many projects and activities are ongoing at various levels of education.

Deputy Consul General Topçu expressed that the bilateral relations between the State of Palestine and Turkey are excellent at all levels and that Turkey’s related institutions will continue to support the building of the future Palestinian people deserve.

Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Education of Palestine Saleh offered his gratitude to Turkish people and TİKA for the project that will provide great benefits to Palestine. Governor of Al-Khalil Humeid expressed his happiness for the economic and political assistance provided by Turkey to Palestine.

After the opening ceremony, a tour of the other departments of the Agricultural School was organized and future cooperation opportunities were discussed for the institution, which continues its activities despite many difficulties.