The 2Nd Advisory Board Meeting Was Held By TİKA

The 2Nd Advisory Board Meeting Was Held By TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency held the 2nd Advisory Committee Meeting under the Presidency of Mr. Bekir BOZDAĞ, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. In this meeting, Mr. BOZDAĞ mentioned about the works of TİKA.

Mr. Bekir BOZDAĞ, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, TİKA President Dr. Serdar ÇAM and senior representatives of many agencies and institutes participated in the meeting. In his speech, Mr. BOZDAĞ stated that “TİKA that has been in activity since 1992 is one of the eminent institutions of Turkey”.

Mr. BOZDAĞ stated “The premise of Turkey Official Development Assistance in 2012 is $ 2, 53 billion. Nearly one hundred percent, Turkey increased its Development Assistance in 2012 and Turkey has become a country that can help countries in trouble”.

 “Thanks to TİKA, people living abroad have respect for Turkey and Turkish People. Due to this reason we are proud of the works of TİKA” said Mr. BOZDAĞ.


He also emphasized that TİKA carried out 2,241 projects until 2002. Between 2002 and 2012, TİKA carried out 11,447 projects. While the works of TİKA were being conducted through the Program Coordination Offices in 12 countries in 2002, today TİKA’s works are being conducted through 105 Offices in more than 35 countries. At first, TİKA was Central Asia-based organization; but now TİKA as an organization reaches from the Balkans to Africa.