Mongolia Stage of the Experience Sharing Program is Completed

Volunteer students from various universities of Türkiye went to Mongolia to participate in various activities of TİKA within the scope of 2022 Experience Sharing Program (TPP) as implemented by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Volunteer students, who went to Mongolia within the scope of the 2022 Program, examined the projects supported by TİKA on site and participated in activities in the field.

Having first visited Agropark of Bayangol district, volunteer students participated together with Sumiyabazar Ölziiorşih, Mayor of Bayangol, and the students at Mongolia Agricultural University in the maintenance activities of greenhouse intended to serve during winter as established by TİKA to support operators. Having been informed on greenhouse farming, volunteer students then provided support to the “Billion Trees” project, which was introduced to fight against desertification and air pollution in the country. After having planted trees within the scope of the project, young volunteers participated in environmental cleaning as the final activity of the day.

Visiting historical and cultural places

After having cleaned the garden of Myagmarsüren Davaahüü, having served for Mongolian Railways operation for a period of 40 years, volunteer students painted the fences and door of the garden. Having visited Bain Tsokto Inscriptions, which were among the earliest written documents of the Turkish history, and Khushuu Tsaidam Museum during the course of the program, the students had the opportunity to see the historical and cultural places in Mongolia. During the course of the program, the students visited Chinggis Khaan Statue, the National Museum, Natural History Museum, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, Erdene Zuu Monastery, and Kharakhorum Museum.

A close look at the Mongolian cuisine

Volunteer students together with the students of cooking department of the Rehabilitation, Training, and Production Center, whose equipment support was provided by TİKA, cooked Mongolian steamed dumplings and lamb stew for the special occasion Mongolian and Turkish Cuisine Day. Zülfikar Sarkıt, Mongolian Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, as one of the participants of the event said that students’ sharing their cultural and social experience would contribute significantly to the cooperation between two countries in the future.

Finally, having visited the Republic of Türkiye Ulaanbaatar Embassy, the students were welcomed by Zafer Ateş, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to Mongolia. On the final day of the program, the students visited TİKA Program Coordination Office and Turkish Airlines office, both located in Ulaanbaatar.