Manufacturing Workshop Built For Handicapped Employment In Tunisia

Manufacturing Workshop Built For Handicapped Employment In Tunisia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) builds a manufacturing workshop for handicapped families in cooperation with the Regional Association for the Visually Handicapped in Tataouine province, an underdeveloped rural region of Tunisia.

TIKA remains committed to the handicapped and continues to undertake projects and activities for them. Inaugurated in this context was a manufacturing workshop for sanitation materials built and organized by TIKA for the employment of the handicapped. The ceremony was honored by Saber Elmednini, Governor of Tataouine; Turkish Ambassador at Tunis Ömer Gücük; Atia Ben Said, the President of the Federation of Tunisian Associations for the Handicapped and the Secretary-General of the Tunisian Confederation of the Handicapped; TIKA’s Coordinator in Tunisia Musa Gürbüz; officials of the embassy, and the families of the handicapped women to be employed in the workshop.

Governor Elmednini of Tataouine expressed in the ceremony his gratitude to TIKA and Turkish people for the workshop; and noted that the project had special meaning for the families of the handicapped in Tataouine where unemployment was a priority problem. Governor Elmednini voiced his joy on the realization of the project and declared that the sanitation materials and tools to be manufactured in the workshop would be bought by all the public institutions in the provinces including particularly the governorship and schools for sanitation needs.

Coordinator Gürbüz said that TIKA had earlier built textile and date processing workshops in Tunisia to support development and
employment. Gürbüz noted that the manufacturing workshop was a significant contribution to reducing the unemployment and creating employment for the handicapped in underdeveloped regions of Tunisia. He added that TIKA was working on supplying a service vehicle for the handicapped upon the request of the Regional Association for the Visually Handicapped in Tataouine to support the handicapped and facilitate their participation in social life.

Starting with the support of administrative and civil infrastructure in 2012 in Tunisia, TIKA’s projects have since diversified to include assistance for social, cultural and educational infrastructure; projects for technical assistance to develop production sectors and increase capacity; environment; security; healthcare; tourism; agriculture; vocational training and technical cooperation programmes.