Equipment Support to the Cooperative of Beekeeper Women in Cameroon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency provided equipment support to the cooperative of women doing beekeeping in Sao, in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

TİKA’s Yaoundé coordinator Burak Özden made a statement and said that FEMADS, a cooperative with nearly 50 members most of whom are women, was given beekeeping materials such as beehives, protective clothing, and smokers. Özden indicated that this project will help to double the honey production capacity. He also added that the required source has been provided for packaging, an important cost item for the producers in Cameroon.  

More women will have income

Pauline Ngono, the Head of FEMADS, gave a speech at the ceremony organised for the submission of the equipment and said they have increased production thanks to the equipment support. Ngono maintained that with the addition of new members, now, more women will have income. Ngono ended her speech by extending her thanks to TİKA. TİKA volunteers who visited Cameroon under the Experience Sharing Program 2022 were informed about the honey production process. The women working for the cooperative presented the voluntary students the honey they have produced.