Equipment Support Provided To An Orphanage In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Equipment Support Provided To An Orphanage In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Equipment support was provided by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate to the Busired Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, which experienced a civil war that caused the death of 5 million people in 1996-1997 and 1998-2003 and the relocation of hundreds of thousands of people to neighboring countries and regions, is in the process of trying to heal its wounds. A large number of people who fled the violence during the civil war period, which is described as the worst human disaster in the 21st century, and took shelter in the capital Kinshasa are trying now to stay alive in very difficult conditions. Unfortunately the children stand out as the greatest victims among those who have sought shelter here.

The Busired orphanage in Kinshasa which provides safe and hygienic shelter for the orphans of mostly Moslem families also tries to provide education to the children with its limited resources. In this context TİKA has provided this orphanage, which is a virtual oasis of cleanliness located in one of the districts with the most poverty stricken and non-hygienic conditions, with computers, computer equipment, various appliances, blankets and sheets.

The supplies provided by TİKA were presented to the authorities in a ceremony organized for the occasion. The ceremony was attended by the Turkish Ambassador to Kinshasa Bekir Uysal, TİKA officials, the orphanage administrators and Moslem leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo community.

Busired Director Buna Batchilly, who made a statement at the ceremony, pointed out that a number of children who were struggling to stay alive in very difficult conditions and who had lost their families in the civil war were provided with regular nourishment, a warm and clean home and education at the orphanage. Busired Director Batchilly said that important deficiencies had been provided for by TİKA and expressed their gratitude for the aid being provided by Turkey to the orphans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.