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TIKA was first established in accordance to the Statutory Decree Law no. 480 that was put into force with the publication of the Council of Ministers decision dated January 24, 1992 in the Official Gazette edition no.21124 dated January 27, 1992, as a technical aid organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the restructuring, adaptation and development needs of the Turkic (Turkish-speaking) Republics after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. 

On May 28, 1999, TIKA became an organization working under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey with the adoption of “The Law on the Organization and Tasks of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Administration Directorate” No. 4668 which was put into force on publication in the Official Gazette edition no. 24400 dated May 12, 2001. 

Especially since 2002, TIKA has increased its activity and visibility through the development assistance operations carried out abroad along with the momentum of new foreign policy expansions of the Turkish Government and Turkey’s improving level of development.

TIKA is an organization that reports to the Deputy Prime Ministry and is a legal entity of its own.