TİKA Supported Turkic World Artist Union in Bodrum

14th International Painting and Sculpture Symposium organized in Bodrum supported by TİKA to develop cultural and artisan network of Turkic countries worldwide.

TİKA supported 8 Uzbek participants for this international symposium. Symposium attracted famous Kazakh and Kyrgyz artists as well. Renowned Uzbek artists Lekim İbragimov, Sobirjon Rahmetov and Dilşod Eşmatov fascinated visitors by their famous art works 'Aspat', 'Tarihin Şahidi Taşlar' and 'Melodi' in order.

Uzbek artists appreciated TİKA for its valuable support. The artists paid a visit to TİKA Tashkent Project Coordination Office and reaffirmed their wish to organize similar symposiums at Uzbekistan with their Turkish colleagues.