TİKA Continues To Support The Restructuring Of Yemen

TİKA Continues To Support The Restructuring Of Yemen
Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency continues to support the restructuring of Yemen with the educational programs executed for the restructuring of Yemen Local Administrations

One of the most debated and aimed to be resolved topics in scope of the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference operations held for preparing new Yemeni Law and planned to last for a period of 6 months, is the restructuring of Local Administrations.

Due to the Yemen’s Ministry of Local Administrations’ demand to TIKA for experts to describe their experiences in Turkey’s local governments in Yemen, Istanbul Medeniyet University Institute of Social Sciences Director and Former Chairman of the Ethics Committee Prof. Dr. Bilal Eryilmaz, Chairman of Çukurova Development Agency Governor Zekeriya Şarbak and Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Hayrettin Güngör described Turkey’s experiences in Yemen on 6-12 June 2013.

The first meeting was held in the Ministry of Local Administrations’ building with the participation of Deputy Ministers and senior bureaucrats under Minister of Local Administrations Ahmed Dariz’s chairmanship. As a result of the meeting it was decided for 21 governors of Yemen to have a vocational visit to Turkey in two groups. Additionally it is planned for senior bureaucrats of Local Administrations to receive education in Turkey on Local Administrations in 3 groups.

In this context the first group of 15 people will arrive in Turkey to receive education from the Union of Municipalities of Turkey between 26th June and 11th July 2013.

The meeting was held in Sana with the participation of Minister of Local Administrations Dariz, Yemen Ambassador Fazıl Çorman and 13 provincial governors under the moderation of TIKA officials. During the meeting Minister of Local Administrations Dariz stated that Turkey has many experiences on local administrations they will benefit from.