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  • TIKA’S STUDY VISIT TO SOMALILAND A delegation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency made a study visit to Somaliland to examine the Vocational Training Center to be constructed in Hargeisa and other projects on site. A delegation of TIKA visited Somaliland Minister of Education Zamzam Abdi Aden, senior officials of the Ministry and of the Presidential Office and exchanged views on TIKA projects in the country. Minister Aden expressed her gratitude for and willingness of the government to facilitate TIKA’s visit
  • NYALA SUDAN TURKISH TRAINING AND RESEARCH HOSPITAL INAUGURATED Nyala Sudan-Turkish Training and Research Hospital constructed in the capital of South Darfur state of Sudan by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency upon special instructions by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was inaugurated. Committed to assistance projects in Sudan, TIKA constructed Nyala Sudan-Turkish Training and Research Hospital to meet growing healthcare needs in Sudan. The inauguration ceremony was honored by First Vice President of Sudan Bakri Hassan Saleh, Tu
  • TRAINING FOR EXPERTS FROM TUNISIAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency coordinated the delivery of technical specialty training by Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) to experts from Tunisian National Institute of Statistics. Vocational training programmes are underway by TIKA’s contribution to enhance staff capacity of Tunisian public entities. In the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), TIKA and Tunisian National Institute of Statistics, TURKSTAT org
  • HEALTH SERVICES SUPPORT TO SOLOMON ISLANDS FROM TIKA Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health set up cooperation to ease the transportation of patients among islands through motorboats. For this reason, 4 motorboats are submitted to the authorities with ceremony. Upon the request of Solomon Islands Ministry of Health, to connect the doctors and patients in remote islands’ health centers to the local hospitals 4 motorboats are submitted to authorities with the support of TIKA. This is the first proj
  • 2012 TURKISH DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE REPORT HAS GARNERED SILVER AWARD 2012 Turkish Development Assitance Report has garnered silver award among more than 6000 reports from 24 different countries. Besides, it was ranked as 40th in Top 100 Worldwide. In the Vision Awards Competition which is organized by League of American Communication Professionals to choose the best practices in the reporting field, 2012 Turkish Development Assistance Report has garnered silver award among the reports prepared for state institutions. Within the same competition class, the r
  • FIVE WATER WELLS FOR MALAWI TIKA inaugurated the opening of 5 water wells in Malawi. Lack of substructure and economic issues cause problems about accessing clean and healthy drinking water in Malawi which is one of the least developed countries. In addition to these problems, long periods of drought make worse the water problem. On the request of Malawi Muslim Foundation in 5 separate regions, in the neighborhood of Lilongwe where Muslim and Christian population live together, 5 water wells’ opening has been in
  • TURKISH COOPERATION AND COORDINATION AGENCY ESTABLISHED A LIBRARY AND COMPUTER LABORATORY FOR ZANZIBAR STATE UNIVERSITY Human resource is the most challenging issue for Africa’s development. Human resource is a great problem in every field such as social, economic, and political. With contributions of TIKA, a computer laboratory and a library are set up to Zanzibar State University. The rector of the university is the President of Zanzibar Mheshimiwa Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein. The vice rector, Prof. İdris A. Rai graduated from Turkey, Bilkent University. An opening ceremony is organized for library and com
  • PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE UNIT TO NEPAL Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency delivered the pediatric intensive care unit equipment to authorities with a ceremony. This medical equipment will be used in Siddhi Memorial Hospital which is situated in Kathmandu. TIKA continues its activities in Nepal which receives the least foreign aid among Least Developed Countries. In this regard, TIKA donated pediatric intensive care unit equipment to Siddhi Memorial Hospital which gives free service to low income families. The hospi
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL AID TO GAZA Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency answered to the emergency request of the authorities of Gaza Ministry of Health. TIKA sent drugs and medical supplies to Gaza. The closure of Rafah border gate which is the only gate of Gaza Strip opening to the World and the destruction of tunnels in recent years which is used by Palestinians to meet their needs make the living conditions in Gaza more difficult. TIKA, always sensitive to the problems of Palestinians, provided the necessary emerg
  • SUPPORT IN THE HEALTH SECTOR IN TANZANIA With the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Turkish doctors from Ufuk Doctors Association, which is a branch of Marmara Health Federation went to Tanzania to help for the solving of the health problems. The group consists of 47 medical personnel including 7 professors. The Delegation who went to Darussalam, met with Hussein Ali Mwinyi, Tanzania’s Minister of Health. Hussein Ali Mwinyi who graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine 20 years before, express

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